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Q: How many pools does Wedgewood have?

A: Wedgewood has 3 pools: A lap pool, a dive pool, and a wading pool for kids 6 and under.


Q: How many tennis courts does Wedgewood have?

A: We have 6 tennis courts and a tennis backboard. A pickleball court was added in 2021.


Q: How long is the Wedgewood waitlist?

A: The waitlist time varies but currently it is approximately a 3-5 year wait to be invited off the waitlist.


Q: When is registration for Swim, Dive, and Tennis Lessons and Teams? How do I sign up?

A: Swim, Dive, and Tennis Lesson and Teams registration are in mid-May. You’ll receive emails in advance with the specific date and instructions on how to sign up using SignUpGenius. Please make sure your email is up to date and you’re receiving Club emails so you don’t miss it!


Q: Are there additional fees for Youth Swim, Dive, and Tennis Lessons and Teams? 

A: All Youth Lessons and Teams are included with your annual membership dues. There is a $5 fee per Munchkin Tennis Lesson for children aged 5 & 6.


Q: I’m trying to schedule our family vacation, what is the schedule of the lessons and activities?

A: Lessons usually start the next weekday after school ends and run for 6-7 weeks between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The Swim, Dive, and Tennis Team Seasons culminate with Championships usually the first week/weekend in August.


Q: Should my children join the Swim, Dive, and/or Tennis Teams? Do kids try out for the teams? Are they competitive?

A: The best way to get connected to the community at Wedgewood is to join a team. There are no tryouts for the Swim or DiveTeams and kids of all abilities can join. You don’t have to be a “good” swimmer/diver to participate. Swimmers on the Swim Team range in age from 4 years old to high school-aged. Dive Team kids need to pass the pool test to be able to dive in the dive pool. Kids can take Swim Lessons AND also be on the Swim Team at the same time. More information is available on the Swim and Dive Team page.

The Tennis Team works a little differently. Kids who have participated in lessons can be recommended for the B-Team Tennis Team by our Tennis Director when he feels they are ready. Alternatively, kids can sign up for and attend Tennis Team Tryout in mid-June to hopefully be placed on an appropriate team. Kids either do Tennis Team OR lessons. They do not do both. More information is available on the Tennis Team page.

Wedgewood Teams are FUN and low-key!


Q: Both caregivers in our house work full time, what is the best way for us to enjoy the club?

A: Mornings at Wedgewood can work for all families. Swim team, dive team, tennis lesson, dive lessons, and swim lessons happen , the last week in June through the last week in July (sometimes the first couple days of August).  Here are some examples on how families make it work:  Parents come with children. Manage the transitions between lessons and work in the internet café (AKA snack bar with wifi).   Hire a babysitter to hang out with children. Some families have baby sitters all day. Others hire them for the morning and the children participate in afternoon camps / Bedford Kids  Club. Or save the camps for August.  For children 11 and older many participate in 8:00 am swim team and have enough time to then transition to camps.  Grandparents can help too.


Q: Are there activities or events that aren’t swim or tennis related? 

A: Absolutely! Fun Fridays, Adult Night, Splash Parties, Barn Bash, Tie Dye Day, Movie Night, and Family Day are some of the traditional favorites.

During the week there are organized games in the backfield and crafts in the Barn with the Youth Staff. Additionally, there’s a Gaga Ball pit, basketball hoops, a volleyball net, sandbox, playground, four square, ping pong, a pool table, and more!


Q: My child wants to bring a friend who’s not a member, how does that work?

A: Non-member Bedford residents can come as guests AFTER July 4th. The first few weeks of the season are typically very well attended.  For safety reasons, it’s important that the lifeguards have time to assess the swimming ability of the current members and allow the staff to get to know new members as they are familiarizing themselves with the Club.

Out of town guests may attend starting when the club opens at the end of May.

As always, babysitters/nannies and grandparents are free and DO NOT need to pay a guest fee.


Q: My child is still in diapers. Can they swim in the lap pool?

A: Children need to be potty trained to go in the lap pool. No swim diapers are allowed in the lap pool. Additionally, life jackets, puddle jumpers/swimmies, and other flotations are NOT allowed.


Q: Can my child stay at the club without a parent?

A: Children must be 10-years-old/entering 5th grade to stay at the Club with no parent/adult.


Q: Can my child watch their younger sibling at the Club during the day?

A: KIds 13-years-old or older can watch other children/babysit at the Club.


Q: I would love to help, how?

A: Wedgewood is a member-owned and volunteer-run club. Please let us know what you are interested in helping with. There are many ways to get involved.

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